Yokan Collection, in partnership with the Japanese government, debuted in New York City in a special two-day, free event to introduce this delicious traditional Japanese dessert at Project Farmhouse in Union Square.

RPR was retained to publicize the event where the top fourteen Japanese confectioners presented traditional Yokan offerings, showcasing how they make Yokan, various packaging styles, how they plate their Yokan, and additional flourishes they may add to their Yokan. Former White House Pastry Chef and Owner of newly launched Upper East Side Eatery Palais by Perfect Pie, Bill Yosses served as a culinary ambassador, linking the Japanese traditions with the American aesthetic. In addition, Dylan’s Candy Bar offered a modern twist on Yokan that is available at both the Yokan Collection, and the Dylan’s Candy Bar Union Square store.

RPR was able to secure coverage in The New York Times, Vogue, and Reuters, in addition to many regional television outlets.