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Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

Corporate communications defines how an organization communicates with its employees, its extended audiences, the press, and its customers, bringing its values to life. Rubenstein Public Relations views corporate communications as a strategic management function that is crucial to a company’s overall outreach, both externally and internally. Among the areas that fall under the corporate communications umbrella are corporate identity, leadership, social responsibility, corporate citizenship, research, issues management, and corporate culture.

Whether your business is established or emerging, RPR can design a media campaign that will contribute to sustained coverage and success for your company. 

Over the years, our efforts have helped smaller firms grow from niche players to market leaders, kept successful firms growing, launched new products, and repositioned existing ones. 

Among the tactics we employ to accomplish these goals include crafting unified, cohesive corporate messages; writing and distributing press materials; regularly disturbing financial disclosures; facilitating one-on-one interviews for company executives; securing speaking engagements; and drafting and distributing bylined articles.

As a result of our efforts, we secure high-impact feature and business coverage about our clients. Our long-standing contacts at national business outlets and our in-depth understanding of the business media industry enable us to generate meaningful and sustained exposure. We are also adept at alerting potential investors to new and growing companies through initial public offerings and generating publicity within the business community.

When clients come to Rubenstein Public Relations, they encounter a tireless advocate on their behalf. We devote all our energies to helping them achieve their public relations goals. Our first task is to determine a client’s branding and publicity needs. After this initial phase, we will submit a detailed campaign for their review. Together, we will refine objectives, media outlets, key visual and verbal messages, as well as overall strategy.