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Television Coverage

Television Coverage

Television appearances are among the most powerful ways for a company to reach its key constituents and the general public. Although a television segment does not have the “shelf life” or “pass-along” value of an article in a print publication, television programs reach a broader audience and generate millions of viewership impressions. Further, in today’s internet-intensive media environment, television placements can garner even more impressions via web-based broadcasts of major news outlets.

Because of the importance of television as a media vehicle, RPR’s programs focus on securing a wide variety of broadcast exposure for clients, including in-studio appearances on all of the popular morning and late-night news/talk shows, business programs, and entertainment shows. Depending on the timing and circumstances, we facilitate these interviews either in-person or virtually via Zoom or Skype. 

RPR prides itself on being able to take breaking news stories and use them to our clients’ advantage. When such events occur and our clients have the appropriate expertise, we immediately alert television and radio producers to the fact that our clients’ spokespeople are available for interviews.

We have also developed numerous packaged pieces for television and radio. These pieces focus on varying themes, including clients’ unique value propositions, products, and/or services. RPR works with relevant participants to schedule the taping of the segments.

When clients come to Rubenstein Public Relations, they encounter a tireless advocate on their behalf. We devote all our energies to helping them achieve their public relations goals. Our first task is to determine a client’s branding and publicity needs. After this initial phase, we will submit a detailed campaign for their review. Together, we will refine objectives, media outlets, key visual and verbal messages, as well as overall strategy.