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Whether your company is a new venture or an established business concern, it is critical to have an agency that can help you achieve your communication goals, build customer loyalty and differentiate you from the competition.

Rubenstein Public Relations knows how to make sure that your target audience hears your story. Our team has years of experience in designing corporate messages and developing brand positioning that generates media results.

As innovation in technology and bioscience continues to define the future, the world’s most cutting-edge researchers, technologists, medical experts and institutions have turned to RPR for assistance in reaching key audiences with messages about their research and development.

We have helped numerous companies rally community support, establish themselves as national leaders in a particular field of research, or successfully announce a new service or important expansion. We have also helped pioneering professionals rise as experts in their respective fields.

RPR is an experienced brand-building partner, particularly given the development cycle and many varied stages that evolve as a technology company seeks to gain recognition.

We employ a variety of techniques to assist technology companies in meeting their communications objectives. These include:


Sample Technology Clients: