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PR Collateral

PR Collateral

Critical to the success of any public relations campaign is the creation of compelling press materials. We have the in-house resources to produce collateral targeted to a variety of print, digital, and broadcast media. 

At Rubenstein Public Relations, we believe that high-quality messaging and materials position a company ahead of the competition and set the stage for a successful media campaign. We excel at creating press materials, bylined articles, editorials, and other materials that are of interest to national press. 

We generally begin by conducting a collateral audit to assess a client’s existing materials, if any. A comprehensive audit enables us to establish a consistency of messaging, language, and approach among all of our clients’ communication materials. 

Another key element in the creation of collateral materials is the message development process. RPR creates unified, cohesive branding messaging that communicate our clients’ key offerings and overall value proposition. These messages serve as the platform for the creation of compelling collaterals, as well as talking points and other communications tools.

Once we have assessed a client’s existing collaterals and agreed-upon key message points, develop a press kit, which serves as an essential component of our PR programs. These kits are provided to media and other key audiences throughout our campaign and can consist of a variety of materials, including company backgrounders, fact sheets, executive bios, headshots, pitch letters, press releases, brochures, research findings, video clips, photographs, and other items as deemed appropriate. 

When clients come to Rubenstein Public Relations, they encounter a tireless advocate on their behalf. We devote all our energies to helping them achieve their public relations goals. Our first task is to determine a client’s branding and publicity needs. After this initial phase, we will submit a detailed campaign for their review. Together, we will refine objectives, media outlets, key visual and verbal messages, as well as overall strategy.