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Media Relations

Media Relations

Rubenstein Public Relations understands the intricate business of PR and the importance of publicity. To generate and sustain publicity on behalf of our clients, we maintain excellent media relationships with reporters, editors, and producers across the globe.  We proactively “pitch” story ideas, and we reactively present our clients as authoritative voices and experts to weigh in on real-time news and trends. We excel at media relations because journalists respect our thoughtful approach and know that we understand their needs.

Central to any strong public relations program is great publicity. The media are among the most powerful forces in imparting information, creating dialogues, shaping public opinion, and influencing human behavior.

At RPR, unsurpassed media relations skills are our hallmark. Our longstanding relationships with reporters, editors and producers play a pivotal rule to our success.  We begin our programs by assessing our clients’ communications objectives so that we can develop and implement comprehensive campaigns that achieve those goals.

We generate publicity for our clients through a number of proven methods, including business profiles, Q&As, press release distribution, one-on-one media appointments, financial disclosures, product reviews, embargoed story pitching, and photo opportunities. We also create media exposure through special events, in-market or satellite media tours, interviews tied to speaking engagements and bylined articles.

Through a combination of placing in-depth feature coverage, breaking news announcements, and ongoing disclosures, we assure a steady stream of impactful exposure for our clients. 

When clients come to Rubenstein Public Relations, they encounter a tireless advocate on their behalf. We devote all our energies to helping them achieve their public relations goals. Our first task is to determine a client’s branding and publicity needs. After this initial phase, we will submit a detailed campaign for their review. Together, we will refine objectives, media outlets, key visual and verbal messages, as well as overall strategy.