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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an integral tool in developing an online brand and offers businesses an interactive platform for communicating with their target audiences. Rubenstein Public Relations helps clients capitalize on new business opportunities offered through social media and digital marketing strategies that encourage new and existing customers to engage with their brand.

We have a proven ability to penetrate the cyber noise to ensure that our clients are seen and heard in the right place and at the right time. Our social media experts are able to create, manage, and optimize online communities for clients to increase their customer base and followers through meaningful engagement that effectively communicates carefully curated brand messages.

RPR also offers extensive training programs for businesses, supporting them with the development of their social media and online platforms as well as equipping their team with the latest tools and skills required to successfully run and manage their social media networks autonomously.

When clients come to Rubenstein Public Relations, they encounter a tireless advocate on their behalf. We devote all our energies to helping them achieve their public relations goals. Our first task is to determine a client’s branding and publicity needs. After this initial phase, we will submit a detailed campaign for their review. Together, we will refine objectives, media outlets, key visual and verbal messages, as well as overall strategy.