Varsity Brands

Varsity Brands has revolutionized the meaning and expression of community spirit and athletic achievement in American society.

Founded as a robust and high-quality cheerleader-training program, Varsity Brands has rapidly evolved into a comprehensive shop for the nation’s school athletic and spirit-related products, services, as well as its hallmark All Star Cheerleading Competitions.

RPR was set out to establish the legacy of Varsity Brands Founder Jeff Webb as a great American businessman and create ongoing awareness and longevity for the company through a robust media relations campaign. By securing placements in high-profile media outlets including Inc., The Street, USA Today, Fox & Friends, NBC Sports Radio, and Sirius XM Radio, among others, RPR assisted Varsity Brands in sharing its entrepreneurial story, elevating its visibility, and reinforcing Mr. Webb’s legacy as a prominent American business leader.