Urban Aeronautics

Founded in 2001, Urban Aeronautics is a leader in vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft.

 Through subsidiaries Metro Skyways and Tactical Robotics, the company is developing the next generation of flying vehicles using its groundbreaking internal rotor Fancraft™ technology. Fancraft™ revolutionizes the world of aviation by providing the ability to fly and land where no other vehicle can, making the dream of door-to-door aerial transportation a reality. Designed to meet FAA requirements and capable of operating safely in dense environments, Fancraft™ utilizes powerful ducted fans with no external rotors or wings, resulting in superior control, stability, speed, safety, noise reduction and sustainability. Metro Skyways specializes in developing manned vehicles for civilian air taxi and air rescue roles, including its flagship CityHawk VTOL. Tactical Robotics focuses primarily on the development of the Cormorant, an unmanned single-engine VTOL designed for military, civil and rescue operations. Urban Aeronautics is a leader in its field and paving the way for the development of advanced aerodynamic technologies. 

RPR secured coverage on behalf of Urban Aeronautics in outlets such as Epoch Times, Israel Defense Magazine, eVOTL, Center for Aviation, and Intelligent Aerospace, among others.