Southern Tier Hemp

Southern Tier Hemp is a New-York based agriculture technology company offering a suite of branded hemp-derived CBD wellness products that includes emulsions, lotions, and gel capsules.

Southern Tier Hemp is a vertically integrated agriculture technology company that is one of the first enterprises in New York State to develop, manufacture, and sell hemp-derived CBD products directly to consumers. 

Rubenstein Public Relations developed and executed a complex method to generate extensive coverage of Southern Tier Hemp and showcase how its CBD products go above and beyond industry standards by combining nature, agricultural knowledge, the latest technology and sustainable practices to deliver products with farm-to-family transparency. RPR also worked tirelessly with Southern Tier Hemp on the development and launch of their new consumer product line. 

Through stand-alone stories and expert quotes in industry news features, RPR secured coverage for Southern Tier Hemp in top-tier media outlets, such as Bloomberg, MarketWatch, The Hill, and more. RPR also positioned Southern Tier Hemp as an industry leader grounded in farming and working closely with extraordinary local farmers, the community, scientists, and industry specialists whose products have the potential to transform one’s approach to health and wellness.

In addition, RPR worked alongside Southern Tier Hemp to provide strategic counsel surrounding media coverage on litigation matters including writing legal responses and shifting the company’s position. 

RPR succeeded in establishing a national profile for Southern Tier Hemp through consistent, ongoing coverage in outlets including The Verge, Benzinga, Yahoo Finance, Hemp Industry Daily, The Green Market, and more.