Accelerating innovation and nurturing growth, SAP.iO is SAP’s strategic business unit focused on cultivating a network of startups to expand and enhance the SAP ecosystem.

Its two components – the SAP.iO Fund, which invests in software startups that integrate with and enhance SAP solutions, and the SAP.iO Foundries, accelerating startups around the world – combine to drive innovation for SAP. The organization is committed to diversity through its SAP.iO No Boundaries initiative, the first comprehensive inclusive entrepreneurship initiative in the enterprise software industry.

SAP.iO retained RPR in September 2019 to highlight the unique accelerator program, women-led executive team, U.S. presence in New York and San Francisco, their rcohorts, and the unparalleled guidance. SAP.iO was featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, and others.