Based in San Marcos, Texas, R-Water is a woman-owned business that manufactures and distributes a computerized device that gives hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, office buildings, restaurants, schools, and other facilities the power to produce cutting-edge cleaning and disinfecting solutions on-site.

R-Water offers a state-of-the-art device that produces a hypoallergenic, healthcare-grade disinfectant (tk60) and all-purpose cleaner/degreaser (fc+). These solutions replace the majority of cleaning and disinfecting products in the market. TK60 and FC+ are produced via a patented electrolysis process Both products are free of toxins, color, and added fragrance. R-Water can produce up to 300 gallons of disinfectant and 150 gallons of all-purpose cleaner per day. Producing solutions for cleaning and disinfection on-site eliminates the need for storage and mixing of hazardous chemicals, as well as the disposal of empty toxic containers.

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