LURE Essentials

LURE Essentials is a high-quality line of DIY wellness and beauty products based on the ancient Cupping Therapy wisdom and practice that has been further developed and advanced with modern day technology.

Founded by Stella Rubinshteyn in 2014, LURE® Essentials has evolved and grown to offer customers world-wide a natural, affordable, and efficient at-home remedy that combats the detrimental effects of sports training, improves immunity, rejuvenates skin, relieves stress and generally improves users’ health and wellness. LURE® Essentials’ cupping products were specifically created for people from all walks of life and budgets, from busy moms to athletes and everyone in-between.

RPR built and accelerated Lure Essential’s brand momentum by positioning the company as an efficient, affordable and all-natural way to speed recovery from athletic strain, boost immunity, improve skin and signs of aging, and reduce stress.


RPR also established Stella Rubinshteyn as a thought leader in the health & wellness and alternative medicine spaces, specifically DIY approaches for physical fitness recovery, skin care and stress reduction and secured trend stories in Refinery29, Cosmopolitan and the New York Post.