Interos is an AI-powered supply chain risk management. Interos automatically discovers and evaluates global suppliers and their networks to help professionals make strategic buying and vendor management decisions.

Through continuous monitoring of over 85,000 live data sources, Interos discovers compliance and policy violations in near real-time, protecting you from regulatory fines and reputational damage. Interos is the first and only Business Relationship Intelligence Platform to protect enterprise ecosystems from financial, operations, governance, geographic, and cyber risk in every tier of enterprise supply chains continuously.

In 2019, Interos engaged RPR to help the company build brand equity and position Interos as an authoritative voice in global supply chains.

RPR secured coverage for Interos in top-target industry outlets including IndustryToday, Supply Chain Matters, Supply Chain Brain, and The Business of Federal Technology, among others. RPR also drafted and placed two bylined articles for company executives.