For more than three decades, Tofutti Brands have created a full line of over 80 dairy-free foods, from cheese products to desserts and prepared dishes.

Tofutti provides innovative, delicious alternatives to millions of individuals around the world who are seeking a solution to their dairy-free diet, whether that is due to an allergy or lifestyle choices.

For Tofutti’s 30th anniversary, RPR was charged with helping to shift public perception regarding dairy-free food away from a focus on deprivation and exclusion for lactose-intolerant individuals to a mindset of privilege and the freedom to enjoy a variety of foods that provide the taste of dairy.

Through a comprehensive public relations program, RPR continued to reach Tofutti’s loyal fans with information about the company’s new food choices and healthy nutrition statistics, while also saturating the market of nearly 70 million Americans who are lactose-intolerant, lactose-sensitive or vegan.

RPR developed a branding and messaging strategy that focused on positive empowerment, which it leveraged through extensive media outreach to outlets covering food, kosher, vegan, wellness, and retail topics. RPR also positioned Tofutti’s founder, David Mintz, as a thought leader in business development, and entrepreneurism for additional business coverage on the company.

RPR secured coverage for Tofutti outlets including The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Associated Press, Huffington Post, Yahoo! Shine, AOL Finance,, The Street, Business Insider, CNBC, and NBC.