As a full-service agency, Rubenstein Public Relations offers a comprehensive range of public relations techniques to help our clients maximize the benefits of their communications programs.




In addition to securing media opportunities for clients, RPR prepares company executives with media training sessions to enhance and maximize their communications skills and techniques for interviews with broadcast outlets, as well as print and online publications as necessary. We offer packages with varied levels of training and message development tailored to clients’ specific needs, budgets and timeframes.

During an initial session, RPR works with executives to assess their current skills and outline the best approach and messaging to be used when speaking with reporters to help reach the company’s communications goals.

RPR coaches executives on everything they need to know to feel comfortable and prepared for their interview – from how to dress and where to look when on camera, to how to read the interviewer and take control of a conversation that has gone off-topic, with an emphasis on how to drive home key messaging.

We hold mock interviews to practice these strategies and ensure executives are comfortable with their messaging, timing and body language, as well as responding to difficult questions and bridging a negative conversation back to their main subject. We offer the option to record these interviews to play back for the executive and watch how they will appear on camera to further refine their delivery.

At the end of the sessions, RPR provides an evaluation of the executive’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as video files of the mock interviews. RPR also holds post-interview sessions the day after an interview takes place to review their message delivery, control over the interview, eye contact and other areas to focus on for future interviews.

We can hold as many sessions as necessary to continue preparing company executives for interviews and developing their media and communications skills. Pricing will depend on the number of sessions and level of training required.