As a full-service agency, Rubenstein Public Relations offers a comprehensive range of public relations techniques to help our clients maximize the benefits of their communications programs.



RPR serves as a high-level counselor to individuals and companies at the center of litigation disputes, criminal and civil complaints, wrongful termination claims, labor disagreements, defamatory remarks lodged by third-party groups and other sensitive matters that may elicit negative publicity. At the outset of a potential crisis situation, we formulate a detailed strategy that includes selection of the appropriate spokesperson, creation of a media-relations policy and development of a positioning statement. We also work closely with a core team to take proactive steps to exonerate our clients in the press. This often includes advising on the selection of a legal team to file potential libel suits, and when possible, generating positive storylines distinct from the crisis at hand. We can also arrange editorial board meetings with newspapers and conduct off-the-record briefings with reporters covering the story.