RPR uses strategic message development to build brands and achieve critical business objectives. Our clients—from prestigious New York institutions to global enterprises–can attest to our in-depth understanding of the media and our ability to leverage their brands’ attributes to produce meaningful results. Our clients, leaders in their respective fields, recognize that our success stems from our strategic approach.

An independent mid-sized agency, RPR possesses a firm understanding of the marketplace in New York and across the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Our personal relationships with editors, writers and producers in leading media outlets around the world are one reason RPR is able to secure in-depth, feature coverage in some of the most well-read publications and on respected television news programs.

A unique advantage of RPR is our organizational structure. A team of senior publicists brings specialized industry knowledge and extensive media relationships to every account. Guided by a multi-disciplined and proactive approach, RPR consistently delivers maximum exposure for our clients and their companies.

The key principles that guide our work include:

Message Development: We research and analyze your company to understand the brand identity and how the company is perceived in the marketplace. We then develop a message platform to convey your brand’s unique attributes. Using specific messaging points that work across all media outlets, we create strategic messages that reflect and support your brand.

Strategic Planning: We immediately develop a strategy to achieve maximum media interest. Using these strategies, we chart a timetable for implementing a public relations plan, taking into account news urgency, events, holidays and annual celebrations, participation with others, strategic alliances and more. The blueprint we produce guides our media outreach efforts while still allowing for enough flexibility to capitalize on cultural trends and topics of interest to the media. Everything we do is intended to further your short- and long-term objectives.

Media Relations Outreach: Media coverage is a crucial tool for launching brands, developing businesses, attracting investors and recruiting employees. Strategies we use to accomplish this include targeted pitching techniques, detailed audience segregation methods and integrated reporting systems.

Our interdisciplinary teams of senior strategists, vertical industry experts and publicists with media expertise employ this three-pronged approach to achieve high-visibility coverage. RPR helps companies understand the relationship between business strategy and communications, and can make sure that you capitalize on pivotal opportunities.